Tim Morrison: Guy Who is "Considering Other Opportunities"...

Of course, in the aftermath of this particular guy’s testimony, where he said that he didn’t feel Trump said anything that broke the law, right wingers are seizing on it as exoneration of Trump’s behavior during the call. Which, of course they are, because it supports *their* side. ONE guy. And ignoring the multiple others who have *NOT* said that, and have also said that certain parts of the call (many?) were omitted, and that the real, actual transcript is hanging out on a secret server (that could possibly contain many other calls of this nature).


Let’s keep in mind this guy is not a lawyer. He is not the arbiter of what constitutes a violation of the law (or an impeachable offense, in this specific instance)

He is just a guy who resigned literally hours before giving testimony. You know, to “pursue other opportunities”.

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