No Posts from Me for 1.5 Weeks.

I’m going to France and Switzerland, y’all. Going to mainly eat, wife is going for a conference. I will also enjoy karaoke in both countries, which is a hobby of mine. (Yes, I can actually sing well, I don’t just get drunk and then butcher a bunch of songs.)

In political terms, it’s going to be really weird traveling overseas for the first time since Trump was elected. Technically, this is the first time in my life to be crossing an ocean. The only international travel I’ve done before this was to Guatemala, where my mom is from. So this will be a new endeavor.


It’s going to feel weird, being in these socially-superior countries, wondering how people view you and wonder if you’ of...them?!?!? (Trump supporters). But other than that, give me all the croissants and cream puffs to my heart’s content (or heart’s anguish, depending on how many I eat).

Let’s hope for some good impeachment news in between now and then.

With that all said, au revoir.

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