I lied...*big time*...about my travels...

Who wants a lesson in international travel and the things to keep in mind?

*sees no hands raised...proceeds regardless*

Last week, I posted about how there would be no posts coming from me, because I’d be out of the country. Well, that didn’t happen. So here’s the deal:

My wife’s passport expires in December some time. To enter France, one must have at least 90 days left until expiration *from the date of departing France* (France has a 90-day limit to visit the country without a Visa). So, my wife’s passport did not meet the requirement, and we had to ultimately cancel the trip. However, it has already been rescheduled and my wife will be receiving an updated passport soon.


Lesson of the story is *ALWAYS* check a country’s entrance requirements before going, in case you need to get a new passport.

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